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YouTube-Channel Unzicker's Real Physics

My talks on Demystify Science

Mathematics as a Meaningful Starting Point Youtube
Hidden Chapters of Physics: Elastic Aether Youtube
Material Basis of Stars Revisited Youtube

Critique of particle physics Youtube DPG-meeting 2014

Simplicity to its Extreme Youtube DPG-meeting 2015

Einstein's Unrecognized Masterstroke Youtube DPG-meeting 2015

General Relativity and Variable Speed of Light Youtube DPG-meeting 2015

Unzicker On Robitaille's Solar Model Youtube auf der AG-meeting Bamberg 2014

Debatte am HITS Heidelberg Youtube über Kosmologie Juni 2013

Rational Physics Conference in Salzburg (2014) Youtube about current physics

Interview with Philip Mereton about Cosmology:

Interview with Philip Mereton about the "Higgs Fake":

Oct 31, 2013: Statement at Deutschlandradio Kultur about 2013's Nobel prize in physics

Sept 5, 2013: Euroscientist How Particle Physics is Eroding the Scientific Method

June 19, 2013: Panel discussion at HITS Heidelberg about cosmology:
Is the standard model of cosmology still reliable? (YouTube)

May 22, 2013: Panel discussion with Prof. Naumann (ATLAS, CERN)
Teilchenphysik - wohin? (German) Mp3 YouTube

Talk at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias:
What's Wrong with Physics (Video), Oct 30, 2012, abstract

Articles about physics

Quo Vadis, Teilchenphysik?
Russische Boni für das CERN

Non-physics articles

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Hunger - gefällt mir nicht
Ihr Seid doch nicht das Volk!
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